Geothermal Drilling Services
Leading the way in Geothermal drilling services, well engineering, and downhole tools. 
All Cougar tools are designed and manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Since 1969. 

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The right equipment, backed by years of Geothermal experience. 

Geothermal drilling
500,000 meters drilled
Geothermal drilling
High-temperature motor and MWD
Geothermal drilling
Proprietary Mechanical Thruster
Geothermal drilling
Decades of international experience

From Turkey to California and everywhere in between.  

Across the globe, Cougar provides directional drilling services, downhole rental tools, fleet management, and support to Geothermal operations. 


High-temperature & High flow MWD and Motors  

Our tools and BHA components are designed to withstand the high temperatures and steam typical in Geothermal applications. This will promote increased longevity and performance in even the harshest conditions. 



On-site supervision and remote technical support 

When experience counts, We've got you covered

Cougar maintains a staff of directional drillers, Measurement while drilling engineers, drilling engineers, design engineers, well planners, and support staff who have years of experience in executing complex Geothermal projects.