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Shock Subs

Heavy-Duty Protection. Superior Performance

Cougar shock tools are designed to fit different applications around the world from large-diameter, high-temperature geothermal wells to slim hole shale applications paired with vibratory/ agitation tools.  

All Cougar tools are designed and manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since 1969. 


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Shock subs built to fit your specific application, designed and engineered for maximum effectiveness in applications from straight hole conventional, to ERD applications paired with multiple vibratory tools/agitation tools. 


Built to suit your application. 


Cougar offers a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your specific application, from 4.75" OD to 14" OD, we've got you covered. 

- Single and dual-acting options 

- Standard and PDC (soft) spring configurations

14in shock KDC3



Dual acting configuration 


All of Cougar's ST5 shock tool designs can be configured to a dual-acting configuration, which provides a larger operating range and specifically the ability to accept the pressure pulse from a vibratory tool, allowing proper extension and compression to maximize effective weight transfer. 

rig and directional bit [Converted].3