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Drilling Jars

Maximize Impact, Alleviate Stuck Points.

Cougar Drilling Solutions offers a variety of jars to meet your specific needs. From drilling and completions to fishing and coring, we've got you covered.
All Cougar tools are designed and manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since 1969. 

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Drilling jars designed for the roughest downhole applications, optimized to get you out of stuck point scenerios!


DJ10 - Double Acting Hydra-Mechanical Jar

Building on the successes of the DJ6, the DJ10 jar is designed to achieve the best results in highly deviated wells, lateral wells, and just about any environment where weight to bit is difficult to achieve.

drilling jar

DJ12 - Double Acting Hydraulic Jar


Fishing? Coring? fighting a low WOB environment? We're here to help. The DJ12 provides an open metering jar that can fire upon command without overcoming a lock load. This jar is tailorable to your needs and will never let you down.



Double acting hydraulic jar

DJ6 - Hydraulic Mechanical Jar

The DJ6 set the stage for drilling jars decades ago, there's no comparison in vertical or deviated holes. Run across the globe, the DJ6 has the best reputation for breaking stuck points in the industry. 



Hydraulic mechanical jar


Adjustable firing force settings




Internal locking mechanism


Maximize impact


Dual acting configurations


Cougar has set the standard for downhole jars around the world for over 50 years. 



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