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Cougar's Mechanical Thruster can help reduce vibration, damages and increase performance

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What can you expect when running a Mechanical Thruster?


Consistent drilling parameters


Reduced shock and vibration


Longer BHA runs


Reduced section times


How the Mechanical Thruster Works


The Mechanical Thruster provides a consistent force to the bit by balancing hydraulics (differential pressure) and mechanics (weight on bit). This balance provides smooth energy transfer to the bit—even in erratic situations.



"The main benefit and the reason why we picked up the thruster – was due to some severe vibrations at around 4,500-5,000’ on the first two runs. In that zone, thruster drilled much better, had higher ROP, no vibrations, and eliminated a trip – about 12 hours of savings and one-bit rental."
Drilling Engineer
Delaware Basin




Our Process

We don’t just sell tools – we partner with you to increase effectiveness. We analyze BHA, well profile and drilling performance requirements and discuss specific objectives with your drilling team. This ensures you get optimal performance from the Mechanical Thruster.

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